+++ Next show: 12.11.2016, Irish Inn Wetzlar, 9 pm +++
+++ Next show: 12.11.2016, Irish Inn Wetzlar, 9 pm +++

12/11/2016: Who's gonna have a drink with us?

11/10/2016: Live videos available!

Missed the Interlunium and Melli's very first gig? Check out our video section.

12/09/2016: Demo "Erinyes' Gate"

Here we go. For all of you who want to hear all of our songs ... cu at our gig!

10/08/2016: Preview Demo "Erinyes' Gate"

A first glance at our singer Melanie? Check out our video section ...

Interlunium, 01.10.2016, Underground Heuchelheim

You can see us live at 01.10.2016 together with Molllust and Conspiria.


More informations!


See you there!

03/04/2016: Lego Open Air

Who else is a Lego-fan?

02/29/2016: This moment ...

... when the loved amp stays calm and Peter Diezel himself calls back for support. But Sascha's deppressive phase didn't last for long. His D-Moll is running again and makes the walls tremble. Many thanks to Peter Diezel and this awesome customer support!!!


P.S.: After so many years a tube is allowed to raise to heaven.

05/01/2016: Preview Staccato Strings Backings

Just a small Staccato-Strings-preview from our upcoming album "Forsaken". The raw soundfiles come from the songwriting process and are generated via Gary Garritan Personal Orchestra 4.

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