... a symphonic rock story of vengeance
... a symphonic rock story of vengeance

11th Celtic Rock Open Air

Yeah, our first Open Air!!! Many thanks to everyone who shared this event with us. Some special thanks to 

... that guy sitting to left who started clapping to Darksome Hours' beat even before we "begged" the audience to do it likewise,

... that tall guy standing right in the center carefully listening to the complete show as this is what it takes to get the story,

... all of you standing directly in front of the stage since that "U of nothingness" looks really terrible.

... a symphonic rock story of vengeance

We tell a story for reflection shrouded in a dramatical mix of hard rock, gothic and classic. But instead of simply covering up an issue in a single song and shallow way we rather interweave all songs into a single fateful young woman's thread of life opposing hate, darkness and malevolence.


"Burning down the venue, rocking the stage, that's not our primary intent since a headbanging audience is not a mindfully listening audience. But that's exactly what we need in order to achieve our goal ... to leave the audience reflective and with a touch of creeps. What makes a story crawl under your skin? What keeps you reflecting it the day after? ... to realize it could have happened to you. Those who listen become thrilled but only those who listen mindfully will be affected."

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